A short message, there are so many concerns, only because it carries a strong blessing: Dear teacher, you have worked hard.


Even though the years will reshape our faces, I will always be your child, my dear teacher!


Thank you, teacher, it is you who drive away my timidity, shine your eyes and face life bravely.


Do not say that do not care, do not see that do not care, teachers, happy Teacher's Day!


Teacher, this glorious name will always hang in our chest like a brilliant star.


On the journey of life, you enrich my mind, develop my intelligence, and light up the light of hope for me. Thank you, teacher!


Teacher and teacher, I respect you. Farmer uncle loves corn. Thank you, dear teacher, for your influence and education that I will never forget.


You are like a candle, although weak, but there is a heat, a light, illuminate others, deplete themselves.


You use chalk to express the splendor of life. You warm the students'hearts with kindness. You use teaching to light the light of wisdom. I wish you a happy holiday.


If there is no teacher in life, it is like everything has no sunshine; if there is no teacher in wisdom, it is like a bird without wings.


On the journey, you enrich my mind, develop my intelligence, and light up the light of hope for me. Thank you, teacher!


We grow from seedlings to trees, but we are always your students. In your year of flower armor, I wish you evergreen tree of life.


May my blessings, like a small flower, always blossom in this warm harvest season, embellishing you with joy all the time.


Everything that has passed will become a kind remembrance. Everything that has passed will be precious. I miss the time you took us through.


Good managers are not born but trained. My growth is inseparable from your concern. Thank you sincerely, teacher!


Teacher, you kindled my heart with your heart and nurtured my love with love. Only with you can I feel the warmth of the world!


The most glorious profession under the sun, engineer of human soul.


Three feet platform, dyed pale hair, peach and plum garden, Lou Meimei laughed. Praise you, beloved teacher, bless you, beloved teacher!


Thank you, teacher, for your teaching and attention along the way, so that you can be more confident and brave.


We have moved from childishness to maturity, from ignorance to civilization. Thank you, teacher, for illuminating my way forward with the torch of life.


You sent me into a colorful world, you brought me into an infinite world, teacher, my heart is calling you, saluting you.


Small gifts are light and light, and give a heart to the teacher. Teachers don't blame small gifts, this is my heart.


The value of fireflies lies in using the lamp hanging at the back to focus on others; your honor lies in always bringing convenience to others.


Hope that today, all teachers will smile from their hearts, for the sake of peach and plum all over the world! As long as the teacher is happy, we will be happy!


Teacher, you are great, like a candle to light others and burn yourself. Happy Teacher's Day and take care of your health!


Pull sincere heartstrings, bear in mind the bitterness of growth, the road to success can never be separated from you, dear teachers, I wish you happiness forever!


Some people say that you are a gardener, in fact, you are more diligent than the gardener; some people say that you are a candle, in fact, you are more persistent than the candle.


Teacher, thank you for illuminating my journey of life with your own light of life.


Teachers and kindness are as important as mountains, students dare not forget!


Thank you for your selfless teachings. Teachers will never forget!


You have given me the golden essence of life, after years of grinding, the longer and brighter!


Only after experiencing the storm can we know your value, and only after success can we know your greatness. Thank you, my respected teacher!